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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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what, if anything, can the vice presidential candidates say tonight to sway your votes. #keep talking. let us know. the debate kicks off at 9:00 eastern tonight. join "fox and friends first" tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. for team coverage and complete analysis. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday. i'm ainsley earhardt. we're live in farmville, virginia, which is the site of the vice presidential debate. but we start with some breaking news. affecting our friends in florida. hurricane matthew, one of the biggest in a decade is on the move. shifting closer and closer to the east coast at this hour. the storm is now deadly. florida and north carolina already issuing states of emergency. we are tracking all of this for you. meanwhile, ainsley, breaking overnight. wikileaks reveals its highly anticipated october surprise. or make that surprises for
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hillary clinton. will it sideline her bid for the white house? moments ago we got part of the answer. stay tuned. we'll fill you in. okay. the vice presidential nominees, just hours from their first and only face-off. this morning, new signs we could see a different side of each candidate. >> i think you're going to see a feisty mike pence take on the record of hillary clinton. >> okay. that's just one side of one -- >> feisty side. >> the things you'll need to watch for live from farmville because your mornings are better when we're separate and they're with friends. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ wow. that is an official "fox and friends" from the fans. >> longwood university. that's right, brian. we've got a band, cheerleaders, a dance team. the high school band is from prince edward. the field hockey team is out here and i brought you guys with me, too. >> all right. >> it turns out we're doing face time down there in farmville, virginia. >> that's right. >> you're back in college, boys. >> right. >> that's great. >> good to see you hold me by the back of the neck. >> tonight is a big night.
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>> it seems like they're really pumped up. >> they are so loud. they keep screaming heather. they think i'm heather. guys, it's so nice to be back in the south. i almost killed two possums on the road trying to get here this morning. i turned on the radio. there are three country music stations, a christian station and oldies station. i'm back home, baby and it feels so good. >> longwood university in farmville is about a little more than an hour driving time to the west of richmond, virginia. >> that's right. >> tonight, 9:00 p.m., you'll watch it here on the fox newschannel as they call for heather. >> you might wonder, steve, you might wonder why they came to this school? they changed the curriculum to have more of a debate curriculum here at the school. it's not a large school. it's an hour outside of
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richmond. it's not necessarily the easiest for journalists coming all over the country to get here and there aren't that many hotels. some of our folks are -- my hotel is about 40 minutes away. it's been very interesting. but a beautiful area. we got to go to appomattox which is where the civil war ended. brian, i know you're jealous. i'm surprised they couldn't put you up in a dorm. they know not to do that. i might have too much fun. i might not be here at 3:00 in the morning. >> too responsible. >> i don't know. that would have been tempting. >> ainsley, they're chanting for the mascot of the school right now. >> right there. >> that is elwood. >> go elwood! >> elwood is their mascot. we'll find out what exactly that means. >> we've got three hours to figure it out. >> from new york city and from
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farmville, virginia as elwood, the mascot gets us excited. steve and brian, if i don't answer you, it's because i can't hear you. >> we understand. >> they are so loud and so excited. they've all called their parents. the band director apparently told the high school group, your life is about to change, you're going to be on national television. they're thrilled. >> absolutely. we're thrilled they're with us for the next three hours. let's talk about the -- some have suggested that perhaps we would wind up with an october surprise that could impact hillary clinton and one hour ago julian assange with a video link from london into an event in berlin made it very clear that starting next week he would have ten weeks of releases of different data covering the war, arms, oil, google and the u.s. elections. >> all stuff he shouldn't have. all stuff that we should not be
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happy that he has. but now we're making this guy an international celebrity. so this was supposed to be a big announcement that was supposed to possibly up-end the hillary clinton camp or maybe change the election. it was a whole lot of nothing. a big salute to their anniversary of hacking into government documents illegally. >> yeah. this is the same guy that released, what was it, 20,000 e-mails saying that the democratic national convention was conspiring to make sure bernie sanders didn't win. it led to the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz. he did say, if he finds anything pertinent to the election, he will release it before the election. but other than that, all of this, he says he's going to release before the end of the year. >> he did say that the stuff regarding the election, he would let go before the election which will be interesting. some people are hoping if he does have any of the 33,000 e-mails that hillary clinton deleted from her government
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account, that would be something nice to see. something that we did discover was that, in 2010, word was out that apparently wikileaks was going to do a document on a quarter of a million e-mails and cables regarding things that went on between the state department, various personnel. hillary clinton at one point said, regarding julian assange, can't we just take him out? her campaign manager, robby mook, responded to that yesterday on channel 5 down in washington. >> sent a comment on anything that the wikileaks people said. they've made a lot of accusations in the past. >> i guess if we're going to have big news, it's not going to come from julian assange today. it's going to come from the candidates later on tonight from the vice presidents. >> brian, it was so bizarre. why did he come out and say he
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was going to announce this and not -- some sort of a security issue? you would think that he's going to release something major. that's not at all what happened. >> i think the major thing, ainsley, today was the 10th anniversary of wikileaks been in the business of leaking things to the press. he announced today over the next ten weeks he would have a whole bunch of documents. stay tuned. we'll wind up with october surprises and november surprises too. >> ainsley, state right there. don't settle down the crowd. we love the background noise and the passion. with the battle of the normals. governor mike pence and senator tim kaine of virginia gearing up for their first and only face-off, one of the most heated races in history. >> the level-headed running mates going to bat for the tops of their tickets and bringing the issue of faith back into the mix. >> live here in farmville, virginia, with what we can expect from tonight's vice
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presidential debate. hey peter. >> hey ainsley. mike pence and tim kaine have different personalities, such different styles than donald trump or hillary clinton. no matter what the debate, it will look and sound different. both runningmates are very religio religious. they're both catholic and talk about the ways their faith has shaped their lives. it's not something we consistently hear from the top of the ticket. >> in a very real sense, we've never needed the voices of faith in america more than today. but the reality is, in recent years, we've seen the voice of faith stifled in america. >> i have a powerful connection from early life where i worked with jesuit missionaries in honduras after having grown up in a religious household in kansas city myself. i really learned about the power
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of faith from my friends in honduras. >> one religious leader, russell moore, from the southern baptist convention seems like he would prefer one of the more religious atop the ticket. he said, quote, if we had a mike pence versus tim kaine election it would be an election worthy of the american people. we do expect fireworks. an aide for tim kaine tells fox news says their strategy is to see if he defends trump. as kellyanne conway, we should expect to see a feisty mike pence tonight. since neither one was chosen for their feistiness, if that's the case, could be quite a show in fa farmville. >> thanks, peter. it's going to be a very consequential vice presidential debate. it's crazy not to watch it. i think mike pence really understands donald trump and he explains donald trump's policies more eloquently than trump does
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in some cases. i think he's going to reiterate things tonight. he single handedly could get the campaign back on track. kaine will be formidable. he's been doing this for years. >> in the meantime, folks are watching the weather. we've got a fox news alert. the southeastern coast is bracing for the deadly force of hurricane matthew right now. it's setting its sights perhaps on florida, georgia, north carolina. as it tears a devastating path across the caribbean. >> this has really changed trajectories. incredible images now from space showing how massive and powerful this storm is. senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking it. >> a devastating blow is happening to haiti with category 4, strong category 4 that's strengthening right now across haiti. the northeast quadrant of the storm which is the strongest, the worst of the rain and the wind and the surge is happening right now. so a catastrophic landfall
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across haiti. we don't think this will have a lot of land interaction which typically weakens the storm system. it's going to remain over the warm waters and potentially strengthen or maintain its major hurricane strength. there is wednesday in the bahamas potentially category 4, category 3 storm as it makes its way to the east coast. brian and steve, you're right, the trajectory has changed. it's moved more to the west. florida, you're now in the cone of this storm as well as the mid-atlantic and even the northeast. the bottom line is we haven't had a major hurricane hit the u.s. in ten years. people need to be making preparations. this is serious. and we need to watch it very carefully. back to you. >> thank you very much, janet. it could be a category 3 as it goes up the coast through florida. that's why the governor is declaring a state of emergency. >> i seem to remember when the bush-kerry debate first
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happened. remember bush spent the whole day with his brother, the governor of the state to prepare for a storm that was about to hit. >> this one is much bigger. meanwhile, the mainstream media hammering donald trump for his comments about veterans yesterday. >> trump stepped into another firestorm earlier today. this time during a q and a with veterans suggesting those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder aren't as strong os other veterans. >> only problem with that report, they left out a critical part of what he said. veteran scott brown and pete hegseth are not happy about it and they'll join ainsley next. >> neither is the veteran that asked the question. the vice presidential nominees face off from one of the most historic battles in our country. appomattox is where ainsley is. ainsley will take us there. stick around. we're live from virginia when we come back. at old dominion,
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all about the mental health problems. when people come back from war and combat, they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you can handle it.
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a lot of people can't handle t they see horror stories. they see events that you couldn't see in a movie, nobody would believe it. we need a mental health help and medical and it's one of the things that i think is least addressed. >> the mainstream media is hammering donald trump for those comments that he made at a veteran event in northern virginia. but while the republican nominee has spent some time and effort to help the veterans, so shouldn't he focus on that. pete hegseth and scott brown join us now. >> good morning. >> what did you think about that, mainstream media saying it was wrong what he said about ptsd? >> it's the exact opposite. no candidate has elevated veterans issues, reform in the modern era. he's made it a top tier presidential issue. talks about it all the time. everybody who has met with
3:19 am
him -- he was pointing out that there's a mental health problem and we need to address it. far from a misstep. it's to his credit that he talks about it so much. >> i know for a fact one of the reasons i endorse donald trump, i had a long conversation with him about this issue. i am deeply concerned about veterans issues, was on the veterans committee, spent years at the pentagon. he almost had tears in his eyes when he was telling me about how concerned he was, referencing the 22 soldiers a day committing suicides. that and sexual assaults are very serious problems. that and the mainstream media, once again, distort things, take it out of context and hammer it. pete and i were talking earlier, we have never seen anything like this before, the agenda by the mainstream media. >> if you talk to veterans and folks fighting for our country, looks like they are voting for trump, the majority of them. 47% are voting for trump.
3:20 am
versus 33% voting for hillary. active duty, trump guess 37.6%. gary johnson comes in second with active troops at 36.5%. are you shocked by that? >> not at all. in fact, it's a more conservative institution. they don't want a commander in chief, hillary clinton. that's the clear take away from this poll. overwhelmingly, they don't want the iran deal, they don't want benghazi or hillary clinton. >> they look at hillary and say, you know what, we're not supporting her because of benghazi is the main reason. as i speak to former colleagues and people i've served with. there's no way. that 33% i think is actually going to be higher. they don't want a continue bags of the obama/clinton era. he's looking for the resources for them to do their jobs and come home. that's his agenda. >> we were showing you the graph. the marines in favor of trump. we showed you that. both of men that will take the
3:21 am
podium and senator kaine, they both have sconce asons serving n the marines. our next guest is a lifelong democrat. the lifelong message and why she says trump is the one to fix the violence. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit.
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quick headlines now. any state that refuses to take in syrian refugees will be guilty of illegal discrimination. that's the ruling from a federal appeals judge who says there's no proof they're dangerous. the ruling comes after vice presidential nominee and indiana governor mike pence tried to stop an influx into his state and changing gears, off a big win against the browns, the redskins handed a major loss by the highest court.
3:25 am
supreme court justices rejecting the appeal to reinstate their trademark. the redskins name is offensive to native americans. when we asked them, they say it isn't. steve? >> thanks, brian. the numbers are staggering. as chicago's violent summer continues into the autumn. just this weekend, at least 46 people were shot. five of them died. and this lifelong democrat says donald trump is the one to make america safe again. >> debate line, democrats care about the inner cities for this election time. after election time, what do you get? zero. what was her response? quiet. because that's the truth. he told the unadulterated truth. i voted for barack obama when he said he would bring hope and change and yes we can and no, we didn't. >> she's the vice chair of the national diversity coalition for donald trump. she joins us today from chicago. good morning to you brunell.
3:26 am
>> good morning and god bless you and god bless america. >> absolutely. yes, ma'am. you said you're a lifelong democrat. i know you ran for lieutenant governor as a democrat at one point in your career. >> yes. >> why are you on the trump train? >> well, i am on the trump train because he's the candidate that's saying america first. you know, it sounds good, it's wonderful to all americans to know that someone wants to put us first. and so the minute i heard him saying that -- i'm a bernie sanders girl. i'm a former bernie sanders girl. after i realized that bernie sanders wasn't going to be the nominee, i went for the political outsider. i went for the guy the establishment republican is trying to keep him out. the establishment democrats are trying to keep him out. i said, wow. if they're fighting for him not to get into office, then that's the guy that me and american
3:27 am
citizens, that's the guy that we need to get behind. >> let me ask you this, brunell. the mainstream media has been making a big deal out of the three leaked pages apparently "the new york times" got of some tax returns back in 1995. >> yes. >> it showed he had a big loss because there's downturn in real estate and the casino business. >> yes. >> people are going, he didn't pay taxes for maybe up to 20 years. how could he possibly be president of the united states? that's essentially what hillary clinton said yesterday. >> well, i'm understanding that she also used those things, loopholes in her taxes. >> she did. >> as long as he was above the board and legal and he didn't violate any tax laws, i don't understand what the big deal is. we're talking about a person who took a million dollars from his father and turned it into $8 billion. so he's living the american dream and i don't know any american who gets their taxes and the tax person tells you oh, this is your low number. says, hey, you know what, that
3:28 am
doesn't look high enough. let me -- please, can you jack it up for me so i can pay for said no american. >> you're absolutely right. we're supposed to pay what we're owing but why pay more so they can squander it in washington, d.c. >> exactly. real quickly. hillary clinton, you know, because you're a lifelong democrat, you would think and i'm sure you're getting some heat for being on the trump train. why not hillary clinton for you? >> i'll tell you this. see, people keep saying, donald trump doesn't talk right. he doesn't sound right. what i would say is, see, donald trump is not a politician. we can teach him in office or help him in office to be more presidential, to be more politically correct. but see, hillary clinton's problem, mrs. clinton's problem is that she has no conscience. you can't teach conscience. when you talk about four americans dead in benghazi, when you talk about the federal
3:29 am
subpoena where you violated a federal subpoena, obstruction of justice at the least, a felony, when you're talking about how the children of people of haiti were mistreated. when you talk about her saying she was under sniper fire in bosnia and you find out that wasn't true. the list goes on and on. you've got five of her top officials with immunity deals where the fbi has agreed to destroy evidence, you know, like i said, you cannot teach conscience. you can't teach a person to do the right thing. but what -- you can teach them to do the right thing, but i don't feel it's in her to do what's best for the american people. i think she'll do what's best for herself and so i need someone in office like donald trump who has created private sector jobs. >> sure. >> hillary clinton has never created a private sector job. we've given eight years under barack obama.
3:30 am
the promises of jobs from the democratic party, education. investment in communities. >> brunell, i got a feeling you're not going to vote for her. there in illinois. thank you very much for getting up early. you're fantastic about supporting donald trump. thank you, ma'am. >> yes, i am. thank you so much and god bless you. >> god bless you. what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, we know what bill clinton really thinks about obama care. >> 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> oops. >> obamacare, he didn't sound -- >> then one of the most important voting blocks. ainsley is down there with college republicans and democrats asking if tonight's debate would change their minds. first, more prince edward county high school band.
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l.u., let's go! l.u., let's go! l.u., let's go! [ cheering ] ♪ [ band playing ] ♪ here we are in longwood university, farmville, virginia.
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you can see scott brown, senator brown as he is playing field hockey with the team. there's the dance team. the cheerleaders. we've got a band out here. having so much fun. we're back in college. let me tell you, it is awesome. first vice presidential, only vice presidential debate is on the campus tonight. we're all gearing up. i am standing up here on this platform with college republicans and college democrats. brie and and steve. they've got the democrats on our right and the republicans on our left. we're going to talk to them about if their minds are going to be changed tonight. do you have any questions for them? >> i think this is a perfect way to do a great focus group and find out what they're looking for. let her relationship. >> all right. we've got joe on my right. joe, you are the spokesperson for the college democrats. >> that's correct. >> what are you expecting tonight? >> so i really am expecting a policy battle here. we saw the presidential debate, the mudslinging for both candidates. tonight, i think both candidates
3:37 am
are both respectable men who will delve into the policy issues. me lana is the spokesperson for the college republicans. what do you want to see tonight? >> i expect to see more policy as he discussed more so than just a personal jabs at each other. i think we would like to see actual policy discussed in the debate tonight. >> all of you are voting for trump, correct? >> yes. >> were all of you trump supporters from the beginning? >> no. >> who did you like? >> i liked marco rubio. >> but you're happy with trump now? >> yes. >> who did you like? >> i liked rubio as well. >> but you're happy with trump? >> yes. >> how about on this side, were you all hillary clinton supporters from the get-go? >> bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. >> what changed your mind? why didn't you decide to vote for trump versus hillary clinton? >> when we look at whether or not to vote for hillary clinton, both candidates have their faults. i believe hillary clinton has
3:38 am
the better ability to lead the country, especially in terms of foreign policy. able to sit down with the world leaders as opposed to trump. in my opinion. >> wait a minute, aren't you all basement dwellers, baristas. >> she did say that. but it was out of context. >> you weren't offended? >> no, ma'am. i think she supports the youthful generation more than trump i believe. what do you think about tonight? you said you don't want mudslinging. does anybody want mudslinging tonight because it makes it more interesting. >> not at all. tim kaine is well-liked in virginia. >> it worked out to well to have the debate here. he was governor here, the mayor of richmond and you all like him a lot? >> yes, he's very well-supported here. >> why was your university chosen? >> prince edward county has a lot of historical significance. this was the site of brown versus board of education and the site of the civil war.
3:39 am
appomattox is only 20 minutes away. plus they like the energy on campus. >> good deal. >> what are you guys expecting from donald trump? oh, yes, steve, you have a question. >> i had a question for you. you're there with a bunch of college kids. bernie sanders started the ball rolling on free college for our college kids and then hillary clinton -- >> that's right. >> just curious what they said about it. those on the left and those on the right. >> yeah. i don't know if you can hear him. he's talking about the free college, bernie sanders was about giving everyone free college and now hillary clinton is just on that bandwagon. many people are criticizing her for doing that. saying it's a talking point for her. that she doesn't really mean it. >> i think she genuinely means it. when you look at her track record of working with the children's fund. it doesn't matter if she started with free college education or picked it up. either way, i think she'll hold true to that.
3:40 am
>> we'll all be watching tonight. anyone going to the debate tonight? >> yes. >> you better take naps. you remember being in college, brian. telling me they just woke up after going to bed at 2:00. they didn't get much sleep >> wow. >> a little later, ainsley, we'll have your special on appomattox. that historic site. >> yes. >> we're going to get a preview as well as results of the field hockey game competing with senator scott brown and pete hegseth. >> we need a final score. it's a busy news day and heather childress is joining us here in studio e. >> something that could impact the debate. u.s. coastline bracing for the deadly force of hurricane matthew. it's a category 4 storm. has its sights set on florida and north carolina as it tears a path across the caribbean. 145 mile an hour winds and torrential rains bearing down on haiti right now. expected to bring catastrophic damage to the country.
3:41 am
still reeling from the 2010 earthquake. hurricane matthew has killed three so far and 700 american families have been evacuated from the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. former president bill clinton takes a major shot at obamacare while stumping for hik hillary clinton in michigan. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and the people busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> clinton then went on to say that small business owners are getting killed by the president's namesake, health care plan. those are a quick look at some of the headlines so far. back to you. >> crazy, crazy, crazy. >> how pleased are they with bill clinton's comments about obamacare. didn't expect bill to blurt it out. >> he's got the new book called guilty as sin all about hillary
3:42 am
clinton. there's a lot of bill clinton in there. he and barack obama have had some clashes in the past. we'll talk to ed about that shortly. in the meantime, the tax clash between the presidential nominees heating up. >> so doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. >> her only method of making money is by selling government favors and granting access. >> how will all of that kind of talk play out between the vp nominees tonight? ed henry live in washington. we told him to get up. i hope he did. the debate is miles from the home of one of our country's most historic battles and of course, the end of the civil war. ainsley got a tour and got back just in time to do the show. she'll take us there in a moment.
3:43 am
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(both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah! and you're gonna fist bump to that? get out of my sight. don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get 20 gigs and 4 lines for only $160. with no surprise overages on america's best network. will tonight's debate down in virginia between the number twos will be about the number ones. hillary clinton and donald trump at the top of the ticket. >> it's going to come as a clash between the nominees to heat up with both digging in and sounding off. fox correspondent ed henry got his vcr going early yesterday. taped all of it, edited it together and he has a whole report for us. steve, that's according to my reports. >> let's find out. >> you got that? >> i do.
3:47 am
the vice presidential running mates are usually the attack dogs delivering most of the negative attacks so that the top of the ticket can focus on a positive agenda without getting tarred with the nastiness. all of that has been flipped on its head for mike pence and tim kaine. you've got donald trump and hillary clinton with record setting negative ratings and yet they continue to go even more nuclear on one another. we expect the debate tonight to be a lot about trump and clinton and yesterday both of them were all over each other again. clinton flat-out accusing trump of being a tax cheat, while trump charged clinton broke the law by starting what he called a criminal enterprise of the clinton foundation. >> here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? how anybody can lose a dollar, let alone a billion dollars in the casino industry is kind of beyond me. as a result, doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income
3:48 am
tax for almost two decades. >> her only method of making money is by selling government favors and granting access to special interests. know nothing about how businesses succeed and grow. hillary clinton has never created a single job in her entire life. >> don't forget, sunday in st. louis round two. trump clinton face to face. guys, back to you. >> ed, thank you very much. >> hillary is starting to sound like harry reid. >> absolutely. >> remember when he said i have a friend who told me mitt romney didn't pay taxes for ten years imt she's saying he didn't pay taxes for 20 years. >> on top of that, it's not easy to make money in the casino business. she wouldn't know what it's like to make money in any business except the speaking business. tonight's debate is miles from one of the country's most historic battles. and ainsley got a tour. she goes back in time to
3:49 am
appomatt appomattox. she brought us there and she'll bring all of us there next. $p
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
tonight, the vice presidential candidates are set to battle it out right here in virginia. we're at longwood university, but in 1865, actually not that long aago, the final battle of our civil war took place right in the backyard of this university. i have the unique opportunity to go and visit appomattox to learn more about it. >> we started out in my company,
3:53 am
company of the 18th regiment of virginia, 96 men, 96 of the proudest things you ever saw. i was the only one left to surrender on the day that general lee did. >> how did you become a living history presenter? >> my dad used to bring me here when i was a kid. it's very important to me because the way i look at it, i'm speaking for people who can't speak for themselves. >> this is where general lee's army fought their last battle, right? >> it is. right here behind us, to the west of the village, these fields are where some of the last soldiers in the army of northern virginia were killed. in some cases, just hours before lee surrendered that afternoon. >> you can almost picture it when you look out at these fields. so why was this battle significant? >> lee is trying to get his army south and grant knows it, so there's no finesse. it's just a question of who can do it and here at this spot, in this field, the question was answered, lee was not going to
3:54 am
outmarch grant and go south, instead, he boxed lee in here at appomattox courthouse. he was not looking for a blood bath here. if he could escape, he would. once he realized he couldn't, the white flags came out. he agreed to meet for the purpose of surrendering. >> where did they meet? >> at the mclean house. >> will you take me there? >> of course. >> what happened in this room? >> it's the room that was picked for lee and grant to have the surrender meeting. >> it all happened in this room at these tables or is this replicas. >> these are replicas. remaining officers began to see this room as being filled with some pretty cool souvenirs. in some cases, we have original pieces here like the two vases
3:55 am
mind me and the sofa behind you, they are all original, the other pieces, the chairs are in the smithsonian. these have been copied for this exhibit. >> folks all over the country coming here to see this property. >> sure, i would say this is one of the most defining moments in american history and i know it's a very small place but it's a big history in this small place. big questions were answered here. could the nation survive a civil war intact? would that nation exist without slavery? and up until april the 9th, it wasn't a foregone conclusion what the answers for those questions would be. >> interesting, if you think about the date, the surrender was on april 9th, 1865. it really wasn't that long ago. i grew up knowing my great grandmother, she was almost 100 when she died. it was the generation before her that experienced the civil war, so it's close -- i just fetal like -- feel like i can touch
3:56 am
the folks that were once here. >> we talk to visitors all day and sometimes we talk to kids. this probably seems like ancient history and then you meet somebody else like you say whose great, great grandparent was in the war or they remember them talking about it and so forth. we're at a very interesting time right now. it's still not that long ago. we see some of the residue of the war in modern history. i think the lessons of appomattox remain relevant. it's not just history on a shelf. >> what a wonderful experience. guys, when general grant and general lee, when they met there in the mclean house, they shook hands and they said it was a very emotional meeting. it wasn't, you know, one general saying ha-ha-ha ha we won. they shook hands. they hadn't seen each other in 20 years since the mexican-american war.
3:57 am
>> thanks a lot, ainsley. straight ahead on this tuesday. bombshell reports find president obama tried to sabotage hillary clinton's campaign for president and that's not at all. >> ed clinton broke that story. he's got a brand-new book out. e, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
"or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. >> if longwood university is
4:01 am
like this at 7:00 in the morning, what are they like later in the day? >> we're 300 miles south and west of our headquarters in new york. ainsley earhardt is on location for the one and only vice presidential debate. look, we've got some face time down there. >> hello. i brought you guys with me. aren't they adorable? >> how did you get it through baggage claim? >> or past tsa? >> we're so excited to be here. we're in the great state of virginia. it's nice to come home to the south. we're waiting for the sun to come up. it's a little chilly out here today, especially here on the east coast. the big debate is tonight. we have the field hockey team playing out here. the cheer leaders, the dancers, the fans, the bands, the local
4:02 am
high school, the mascots, lots of students are here too. they are excited to have the debate tonight. >> they really care about the debate. they show a passion for it and about 25 schools or more try to become the host campus for the debate and longwood winds. >> they guaranteed anybody who volunteered to work at the debate would be able to and they have kept their promise. they also said that they would have a spirited morning live from farmville and ainsley they absolutely are following through on that. >> they delivered. >> the folks here are so nice. i was coming into work. i was pulled over into campus. he got my registration and my license. he let me go. i said i work for fox news. i asked him can you escort where
4:03 am
i need to be? i almost turned on two possums on the way in. >> why did the policeman pull you over? >> because i was speeding. i was trying to get to work. i was driving through the college campus. i was looking for the folks who were waiting on me at the parking lot and i needed to be there about 5 or 10 minutes earlier. >> 20, 20. i was probably going 30, maybe. 25. >> well, there you go. >> long arm at the law at longwood reached out and grabbed you. >> today, was the promise of a wikileaks surprise how did it go? >> well, as it turns out, it might wind up being an october and november surprise because julian assange who did a video link-up to an event in berlin because he apparently feared for his safety there at the ecuadorian embassy in london, what he said was we're going to have a release every week for
4:04 am
the next ten weeks starting this week, and all u.s. election-related documents will be released before november 8th, and americans go to vote. >> but remember he was saying expect a major scoop that's going to definitely influence this election. when he came out yesterday and said he would be out on the balcony and he pulled back on that and he said i fear for my safety. i thought what was in these emails? i thought he was going to be releasing emails. what is is in these emails that he fears for his life? basically he came out and said he was going to release one dump every week. just different topics. >> some of the topics they would be releasing would be covering the war, arms, oil, google, and the u.s. elections. so today is the 10th anniversary, so they were going to have an event anyway so maybe what he's decided to do is get past the vice presidential
4:05 am
debate and drop something in a couple of week. >> there's a missive release, that there is how do we stop julian assange from releasing these documents, she said can't we just drone this document and everybody laughed. a lot of people want to drone him because he's hacking people's emails and putting things public that shouldn't be public. >> she said that because the president was putting a lot of heat on the state department at the time to basically silence this guy, julian assange and the president said if you can't do that, if you can't silence him, then make sure he doesn't embarrass the president and our administration. so that's why hillary clinton called that morning meeting and that's what she said that comment about just droning this guy and everyone laughed. >> one way to stop him. >> and apparently another
4:06 am
solution was let's put a $10 million bounty on his head. maybe he didn't appear on the balcony because he was afraid he might get droend. -- droned. anyway, he did it by video link and more to come. in the meantime, tonight is the big night. it's been dubbed the battle of norls -- normals. tim kaine and mike pence for their one-and-only face-off. >> bringing the issue of faith back into the mix. >> and peter doocy is live outside of the debate hall. i'm here at the student union. people -- peert is on the other side. what do you have? >> we can hear the band over there. what we've got here at the debate hall, we know at the point tonight of the debate is for tim kaine and mike pence is to explain to voters how they are different, but as it turns
4:07 am
out they are very similar in a very important way. they are both very religious catholics. neither donald trump or hillary clinton at the top of the ticket talk very much about their faith, but it is a pillar of both the running mates stump speeches and from the time that trump picked mike pence as his running mate, one of the most reliable lines for him on the campaign trail hasthis. >> i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican, in that order. >> the virginia senator tim kaine also very religious and is well-known for talking about the different ways that faith has guided him from the time he was young. >> i have a powerful connection from early life where i worked with jesuit missionaries in honduras. i often say that after having grown up in a religious household in kansas city myself, i really learned about the power
4:08 am
of faith from my friends in honduras. >> as for the debate itself, the topic of conversation is expected to be driven by the two people not on stage, trump and clinton. tim kaine aides says he's going to try to get pence to defend trump. whereas trump's running mate who has been mock debates is going to come out as feisty according to kellyanne conway. if that's the case, the world may need a -- meet a brand-new mike pence. >> i cannot wait. i sense that mike pence tonight is going to do a lot of things that donald trump wasn't able to pull off last week. he's going to go after the email situation, the clin fon -- clinton foundation, and the lack of cyber security. a lot of the things that they are hoping donald trump will do
4:09 am
and let's see if tim kaine has answers for policies he has nothing to do with it. >> the vice presidential debate is two fold going to make sure sure the number two is up to being number one, and the most important thing they can do is don't screw it up. >> that's true. i think it's also an opportunity for them to introduce themselves to the rest of the country. steve, you were on the streets of new york asking people who they were. 1/3 of americans say they don't even know enough about them to comment on them. it's an opportunity for them should they ever become president to introduce themselves to the rest of the country. >> there won't be 84 million people watching, but i imagine there will be millions watching, so let's see what kind of impression they make as we get set, of course, for debate number two. you'll be covering in p st. louis. >> that's right. coming up this weekend. meanwhile, at 7:10 here in new york city. now so a fox news alert. get this, the southeast is bracing for the deadly force of a hurricane.
4:10 am
it's called hurricane magazine ewe. the storm now setting its sights on florida and north carolina as it tears a devastating path across the caribbean. >> intense flooding across the islands nations, a police officer swept away in jamaica as the streets turn into rivers. janice this, could make landfall in some form in florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina and this is the strongest storm we've seen to make landfall in a couple of decades. >> absolutely. this is not one that we should ignore, and i want to show you this storm is actually strengthening as it makes landfall across the peninsula here in haiti. this is worst-case scenario. life or death situation. 145-mile-per-hour sustained winds. category 4 storm. prig the worst of the wind and storm surge in this very poor
4:11 am
are area. this is going to be devastating, catastrophic for them. here's the track, okay. this is brand-new from what we were talking about 12 hours ago, right? this is the path, the forecast path and as steve mentioned, category three major hurricane coming very close to florida, central florida, that's friday morning, and then again coming very close to the carolinas. this is the center of this storm, but these models have been trending toward the west so that's not good news and that's a potential blow to the east coast, thursday, friday, and into the weekend. here's one of the reliable forecast models the american model gfs bringing it very close to a brush of florida on friday and perhaps making a landfall across the carolinas, perhaps as a major hurricane. we haven't had a major hurricane make landfall across u.s. in ten years and we cannot rule out the possibility for a landfall across the northeast. this is the euro. i want to show you.
4:12 am
it's very similar to its path with the gfs, coming into good agreement that an impact across florida could be i am nen and across the carolinas. hurricane watches are up. back to you. we've got a house down in florida and we're putting up the hurricane shutters today. >> which means plywood. >> steel. they are steel. >> thanks so much, janice. 12 minutes after the hour. behind the scenes at the democratic nomination process, like you've never seen before. >> that's right. from president obama's dealings behind closed doors to keep hillary clinton out of the white house. ed kline here is with explosive new details you have never heard before. good morning, ed. and ainsley is off the stage and taking us on the tour with the people at longwood university. some call them students. we're live in virginia and senator scott brown is here. i recognize pete hegseth too. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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4:17 am
well, our college tour continues tonight. the big vice presidential debate is did down at longwood university. look who is there. ainsley earhardt is there. >> we want to give you a little tour of this university. we're about an hour outside of richmond. we flew into richmond and we drove here. it's an awesome university. i'm here with the whole dance team and brianna you are the spokesperson for this team. >> yes, ma'am. >> how many are on your team? >> there's 20, but 13 here today. >> how many have you go to this school? >> about 4,000. >> have you been dancing your entire lives? >> most of us have been dancing since 2 or 3 in studios. >> i wish i had done that. i'm not a good dancer. it's so important because you
4:18 am
all have so much fun. i will participate, but i'm not very good at it. i'm going to get you to teach me some moves. when i was a little girl and i went to basketball games, i wasn't watching the teams. i was watching the dancers. you have a lot of people staring at you throughout the game. >> yeah, we have a couple of local fans who cheer us on a lot, they are our favorites and there are local girls that come. we are trying to do different things and some of our dancers work at the student dwroes close by here so we try to be involved with the community. >> thanks for what you all do in the community and little girls. i look up to you and always have. we're going to meet some of the cheer leaders now. thanks, ladies. come back here because -- where's lizzie? >> she's the spokesperson for the cheer leaders. how many are there? >> we have 21. >> so extremely competitive too. here in high school is hard but cheering at the college level is impressive. >> it's different than on high school. >> what's involved? >> it's more of being on tv and cheering for our team.
4:19 am
we're not actually competitive school, but we are here to support our basketball team, our men's and women's, so we're always at their games and cheering for them. >> do you miss out on a lot of fun that your friends are having because you have to practice all the time? >> no, we have a blast together. >> did you all go out last night? >> no, no. >> we enjoyed all the festivities that were here last night. >> your coach might be watching. you all were in bed at 8:00. >> yes, of course. >> let's come over and meet seth. how long have you been doing this? you are the band director. >> i've been here about three years. >> how many people in the ban. >> 45. >> what's the hardest part about your job? >> throwing things together like this at the last minute but it's worth it. >> you did a great job. thank you for inviting us on the campus. you all have a beautiful group. you all are awesome. this is the field hockey team, the ladies field hockey team and ellen, are you ellen? what's your role? >> i'm the captain of the team.
4:20 am
i'm a senior. >> where are you from? >> virginia beach, virginia. >> where you all from virginia? >> no. >> where are you from? >> maryland. >> argentina. >> williamsburg, virginia. >> i've been there. it's a beautiful place. congratulations. how are you doing this year? >> we're good. we're excited for the game this weekend. >> i wish you all the best. how did the boys fare? >> we're trying to teach pete hegseth. >> pretty good. >> this is longwood university. we're having so much fun with all these folks this morning. thank you all for watching. steve and brian, back to you. it does look like a lot of fun. straight ahead, the sightings have been popping you will autopsy over the country. this -- all over the country. look at this. >> we just saw a clown up offer the suspension bridge. yo, patrick. >> another crazy clown sighting.
4:21 am
what happens after the recording went dead coming up next? a national anthem protest coming across the country, sports world do politics belong in the same arena. terry bradshaw weighs in next with brian. coming up next. [ boomer ] imagine what you wear every day actually making your body feel better... making your whole day better. hi, everybody. i'm boomer esiason. and that's exactly what tommie copper does for me. now, they call it "wearable wellness" and they have infused it into everything they do. sleeves that help support aching elbows and knees.
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4:24 am
yo, patrick. >> some quick headlines for you. it looks like a scene out of a horror movie, but this is a real scene. a clown chasing joggers in ohio. police now warning people to stay safe after a string of scary clown sightings all across the country. parents are looking into the --
4:25 am
paris are looking at the look possibility that kim kardashians robbery was an inside job. her body guard was out with her sisters. it's shocking that these criminals did not subject themselves to paris' strict gun control laws before committing this awful crime. brian. not really the best time for sarcasm. he's one of most recognizable faces in the sports industry after led the pittsburgh steelers to 4 super he's with fox sports for longer than he played sports. nfl hall of fame quarterback, one of the great personalities in sports and acting and a singer, terry bradshaw. great to see you. you are part one of the most successful ensembles. what is it like on fox nfl sunday? >> this is our 23rd year. we're now fox sports as we used
4:26 am
to be fox sport, but it's -- we've had a few changes in one seat, but for the most part, howie -- actually, howie and i were there from the start and we haven't changed. jimmy left for a while and came back and we added michael when he retired from the giants and kurt came in when j.b. abandoned us and went to cbs. >> i know you are married now and excited. maybe that explains why you are always smiling. the real world is going to your world. we've watch colcolin kaepernick taking a knee. we've had cramarerie take a knee in london and put his hand in the air. >> i've never had a problem with expressing themselves.
4:27 am
that's one great thing about our country and first amendment rights, everybody has them. i do have a problem with the flag. i am a man that loves the flag. i love the national anthem. i find it extremely disrespectful, but if in fact that's what they want to do, then they do it. there are repercussions. i think that you are going to pay for it some way or another. >> you think the nfl will suffer in the stands? do you think it will suffer in the ratings? >> it starts suffering in the ratings and it hits the pocket books of the owners, something will probably have to happen. listen, brian, i don't mind what colin is doing that's bringing attention to it. i don't have a problem with that at all. absolutely no problem with it. i have a problem when people in our country don't respect our flag and national anthem, and all you got to do is look around. this country is getting worse and worse and more and more immor immoral, we're rotting from
4:28 am
within. all great empires. we can't talk about jesus. we can't talk about that anymore. we say i'm religious. if we say jesus, you automatically are pigeon holed and kicked off the desk. you can't talk about it. the two vice presidential candidates are going at it and they are saying what? we're religious. what does that mean? everybody is religious. >> you are worried about the country and you lived through the 60s and that was your youth. >> right, right. i'm an eagles guy. yes, absolutely. >> one thing about you, one of your favorite types of music is gospel music. >> yeah. >> you are a singer in your own right? >> right. >> in fact, don't we have this? terry bradshaw -- >> turn it over. >> is america ready for this? look at that. that's a chesty man. >> that's looking good right there. >> i'm so lonesome i could grie.
4:29 am
>> i'm sweating. >> tell me about you and your relationship with the isaacs. >> i met at the cma awards and victor followed up and we got connected. i listen to the music all the time. i work out to the isaacs, when i work out, i play their stuff, and we just got together. had a number. we got together. i went to a couple of their concerts, and we've become such great friends, and they are getting ready to do -- i did the opry. i did ryman auditorium and went on there and sang. you talk about cool. they were doing -- writing their songs for the new album and i told them i would love to be involved. >> executive producer. are you singing on this? >> i sing one song. it's good too. >> you mean, you showed your
4:30 am
butt in the movies? >> yep. >> and now you are singing on an album. is there anything that terry bradshaw cannot do? >> i hope that's it. i don't want anymore surprises. >> pick up the isaacs because terry bradshaw wants to be part of it. great to see you. later we'll see the isaacs and terry bradshaw will sing and i got to get that autograph for that album. straight ahead, not all athletes are grabbing bad attention. wait until you see what this giants receiver did at last night's game that has everybody talking. and did president obama try to sabotage hillary clinton's run for the white house? he had kline says yes. he has a book about it and he hopes you'll buy it. if you have a typical airline credit card,
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ ♪ ♪
4:35 am
>> oh, we're up. let's talk to some of the students. we are here at your university cht congratulations on getting the debate. what's your name? >> my name is hannah primm. >> where are you from? >> baltimore, maryland. >> you go home like once a semester. >> only during breaks. >> i'm a sophomore here at longwood. i'm a business manager. >> what do you want? >> i want to grow up. step one, embryo -- grow up. get a nice job. not exactly sure where i want to go. my education will take me far. >> the best part of being a sophomore you don't have the pressure of everybody saying what are you going to do next year? that's the most stressful part. everyone is what are you going to do next year? don't worry, you'll get a job. it's going to all be okay. >> grad school first. >> what's your name? >> they call me lancer pants on
4:36 am
campus. >> why? >> because i got these bad boys on. >> oh, lots of personality. you know girls love that. >> lancers love it. >> girls just like -- >> everyone likes someone with personality. >> oh, yeah. >> are you a golfer. i see like golfers? >> i i do golf. >> you do all the shopping? >> i do. >> this is coordinated. look at this, he even has the blue sunglasses. >> i got the blue sunglasses. >> lancers pantsers. what year are you? >> i'm actually a graduate. i work for the university, actually. >> okay. >> well, that make a little bit more sense. you need to move on. >> i know. i love, i love longwood university so much and everybody coming out tonight? >> yes!
4:37 am
>> all right. around these -- aren't these kids so much fun? it's been half of my life since i've been where they are. it seems like yesterday right, guys? >> it goes fast. >> longwood university how in farmville, virginia. >> i'm not going to leave. i'm not coming home. >> it will be fine. you'll fit right in. thanks a lot. anyone need a roommate. ainsley is open. they doesn't want to pay for a single. a new book is exposing details about hillary clinton's server investigation. guilty as sin is the quote reveals the official that the obama officials decided that the democratic nominee would not face prosecution. so what else did that author uncover? let's ask. >> that's right. ed klein joins us now. >> i read about half of it. why did barack obama not want hillary clinton to be the nominee for the democrats? >> because he and bill clinton
4:38 am
are blood feud guys. they really dislike each other and his feeling was if the clintons got in the white house, the obamas would be marginalized. >> he really was pushing joe biden and elizabeth warren. >> and he had secret meetings with biden and warren trying to convince them to run against hillary clinton and both said no. >> because joe had the tragedy with his son. >> he really wanted to run for president, joe did. he didn't have it in him because of that tragedy. >> and barack obama wanted hillary clinton indicted. said turn everything over to the fbi? >> that was before he was stuck with her and realized he had to put his full support behind her. >> how do you know that? >> how do i know it? because i have sources both inside the white house, inside the obama administration, inside the clinton administration, and i have very good sources very
4:39 am
close to valerie jarrett. >> after it was realized that joe biden wasn't going to run, elizabeth warren said it wasn't her time, you talk about a meeting in the white house. you got valerie jarrett and michelle obama, you realize they got to tell the president. they have to do a 180 with the department of justice and the fbi, but the worry is that comey might actually suggest charges? >> what happened there is the attorney general, loretta lynch, was telling the public that this was an independent fbi investigation at the same time she was secretly going to the white house with fbi documents and filling in valerie jarrett and the president about what was going on so that they could get a strategy to make sure that she -- hillary, would not be indicted. >> there's no doubt about it, that people are wondering about the investigation with james comey in charge. how can you actually compromise somebody that took on the bush
4:40 am
administration that is actually a republican? what leverage do you have? he's got a term that's got to last eight years. >> but his goal in life is his reputation. this building that he's in, the fbi building, is literally falling down. it's crumbling. they are going to tear down that building. it's called the hoover building, right? his goal is to have the new building called the james comey building. >> they had this conversation, the president makes it very clear he doesn't want an indictment out of the department of justice and regarding james kroem -- comey, they thought he might walk, he might quit. plan b. they might pardon hillary clinton or hillary would pardon herself if she becomes president. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. comey had the reputation of being the elliott ness of his
4:41 am
time, untouchable. when push come to shove, he refused to indict her because he was protecting his reputation and the fbi. >> what did you find out about her health? >> i found out that she has arrhythmia which is an uncertain heartbeat. she has a leaky valve that the doctors wanted her to replace in a valve replacement surgery and she said no, i'm afraid it would leak out and people would say then i'm not qualified to be president. she has a tendency as we all know to blood clot, so if she fants because of her -- fants because of her low blood pressure and hit her head, she could have a blood clot that could be fatal. coming up on this tuesday, the media slamming donald trump over his taxes, but how about this defense from a lifelong
4:42 am
democrat? >> i don't know any american who gets their tants and the tax person tells you oh, this is your low number that says, hey, you know what, that doesn't look high enough? >> what do you think? we're going to read some of your comments coming up live from new york city and also longwood university down in virginia. ♪ ♪ ♪ your life wasn't meant to be lived under a bushel basket. neither is your faith. ♪ on october 6th, bring your bible to school. learn more at ♪
4:43 am
4:44 am
gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it.
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4:46 am
right now. a golfer take his strufgsive frustration out. wow. the woman teeing off on a golf course in sweden swinging away but apparently not on par that day or maybe just a little alone with a drone buzzing around shooting video of the course. >> $2,000 drone. >> unbelievable. meanwhile, ain'tly, we're pretty good -- ainsley, we're pretty sure tonight -- >> a woman with a temper. nothing like it. >> tonight, undoubtedly the democrat tim kaine is going to bring up and so the moderator the fact that the "new york times" brought out these documents foreign policy 1995 that show that donald trump had a gigantic loss during a down
4:47 am
turn in the real estate business and there's a possibility he did not pay taxes after that. >> hillary clinton also had a big loss too. she wrote off a capital loss, $700,000 one year and no one is talking about that. it is legal. a lot of people do this. stuart varney was on our curvy couch yesterday saying he's done it before. it's not illegal. >> if a business goes under with a loss in the first year, we wouldn't have any businesses. brew -- brunell shae we had her on earlier. she has decided after being a lifelong democrat, donald trump is really the only guy -- person i should say who can save america. watch this. >> i don't know any american who gets their taxes and the tax
4:48 am
person tells you oh, this is your low number that says, hey, you know what, that doesn't look high enough, let me -- please, can you please jack it up for me so that i can pay more? mrs. clinton's problem is that she has no conscience. you can't teach conscience. when you talk about four americans dead in benghazi, when you talk about this federal subpoena where you violated a federal subpoena, obstruction of justice at the least a felony, the promises of jobs from the democratic party, education, investment in communities, vocational programs never came. >> i got a feeling she's not going to vote for hillary and i asked for comments from everybody. >> yeah. here's what cc said. i love this lady. i agree with her 100%. she's well-informed about the real situation. hillary clinton is the status quo. >> ainsley, i dare you to read the next one. >> gene on facebook said wow,
4:49 am
thank goodness a smart woman. trump will not solve all our problems, but at least he sees the mistakes that have been made and wants to do something. this woman is awesome! >> we've got clayton today doing the social media. >> thank you for pulling up a chair. drew says this lady is awesome, speaks so well and sums it up better than any other commentary that i've heard. >> clayton, how does it seem the tax thing is breaking? >> that all you do is hang out on social media. >> there's an interesting sub-current what people are saying about the taxes is true. first, there is this ground swell, oh, my gosh, "new york times" with this bombshell and people get educated about the tax code and they are linking to other articles about the tax code on line. this is a perfectly legal thing to do and if you are a real
4:50 am
estate investor, stuart varney is as well, you are probably paying zero in taxes. that's one of the bottom lines. donald trump owns millions and millions of dollars in real estate. >> billions. >> the chances are if you are a real estate investor, you pay zero dollars in taxes. >> smart move. that's what people are saying on social media. thank you very much, sir. straight ahead from hillary clinton's october surprise to trump's taxes. which vp nominee will have to do the most damage control for their candidate tonight? a fair-and-balanced debate with lisa and joe next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are not jack kennedy. >> nice to meet you. can i call you joe? >> certainly. >> well, there are plenty of memorable moments from past vp debates. what can we expect tonight? here now is lisa booth and joe trippi to discuss this? can we expect some memorable moments tonight? >> oh, absolutely. the difference is the vice presidential debate we saw with that lloyd bensen clip, you saw those moments but dan quayle is still the vice president. it doesn't quite affect the race the way the presidential race has. it will have some impact but it will float away faster. >> do you think they will play it safe or have memorable moments? >> think you are going to hold
4:55 am
other accountable, you are going to bring up benghazi and emails and clinton foundation. senator tim kaine is going to do the same thing, hold governor pence accountable for things that donald trump has said and done. >> this is a tryout for them. in four more years, they might be running. >> that's something that you have to see. one of them is likely for sure to be running four years from now, so it is a tryout for them. but very few vice presidential nominees actually end up as president. george bush -- herbert walker bush was one. it's a tough road from here. tonight is a very important first step for each of them. are they ready? which one is more ready to step into that position? that's the thing that gets answered. >> they are going to have some memorable moments because if you look at the polls, the average american does in the know who either one of them are. >> well, if they are looking out for themselves for their future, but as far as tonight and, you
4:56 am
know, being that vice president and holding that role, they have to be careful. you look at 1976 and polling would indicate that vice presidential debates have very little impact on voter preference. you actually don't want that much headlines tomorrow if you are one of these candidates, that means they make a mistake, did something stupid or made a gaffe and putting their candidate in jeopardy. >> each of them is going to try to twied the other one from their presidential candidate. where does pence differ from trump? try to push a wedge through. pence is going to make tim kaine either defend or wedge away from hillary clinton. that's the only goal to do that. to see if there's a way to push and divide there. >> both of them know how to debate. they have a lot of political experience between the two of them. stick around, our big show continues live from the site of tonight's big vp debate.
4:57 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [ star spangled banner playing ]
5:01 am
how great was that? ladies and gentlemen, the prince edwards county virginia high school band out there at longwood university in virginia where our co-host brian would like to be a coed once again. going back to college. okay. that's true. and also you have pete hegseth out there and joe trippi, they
5:02 am
were also in the military, they are book you have in the reserves is senator scott brown and pete still active. >> i know. ainsley has got the bases covered down there for the big debate tonight but first we're going to start with a fox news alert at 8:02 here in new york city. hurricane matthew a category four storm has just made landfall in haiti as the massive storm sets its sites, it looks like florida, georgia, south carolina, and north carolina. >> that storm packing 145-mile-an-hour winds and torrential rains can be seen from space. janice dean is on earth tracking the storm. >> staggering impacts right now across haiti. devastating. truly they need our prayers because this is worst-case scenar scenario, the worst part of the storm, northeast quadrant hitting the southeast peninsula of haiti, poor country. not well constructed homes.
5:03 am
again. this is catastrophic for them. then look at the bahamas. look at the fuel this needs. we're talking hot tub here. we're going to be dealing with a strengthening hurricane once again once it gets to bahamas. we think it's going to clip the eastern cuba area. this track has changed drastically from this time yesterday. now, we're thinking potential impacts across the east coast, maybe even a landfall. florida, you are in play and you don't have a lot of time to make your preparations because we could be dealing with a major hurricane, category three or higher on your doorstep, thursday, friday, then it makes it across the coast, perhaps making another landfall across the arnls and the -- carolinas and mid atlantic. we cannot rule out a northeast impact as well. this is going to be a very long, drawn out system we'll be covering for the next several
5:04 am
days. tropical models that go into that cone of uncertainty. we're in pretty good agreement once it gets into the bahamas as this goss to go an a close call. potential impacts for florida, georgia, the carolinas and even into the northeast. we're going to be covering it, but, man, hearts and prayers out for haiti. devastating, devastating worst-case scenario. >> janice dean, i see all the models behind you with various computer tracks. yesterday, they were way out in the ocean and now they have moved back toward the mainland. is there any possibility in the next 24 hours they could take a turn out to sea and not impact the u.s. mainland? >> listen, there's always room for error with these, but we're realizing now that the center of high pressure, that bermuda high is going to nudge a little bit more to the west and be very powerful and that's why we think this is going to now be an east coast threat for the next couple of days. >> it's push being the storm. >> it literally is pushing the
5:05 am
storm toward the east coast. >> janice dean in the weather center keeping an eye on matthew. thank you very much. let's bring ainsley back now. of course, you know, ainsley, we've been talking about this all day, today was supposed to be the big announcement where wikileaks was supposed to dump some documents that was supposed to rock this campaign and the focus, we understood, was to be on hillary clinton. it was a whole lot of nothing. talked about his anniversary, ten years since they started estolen they didn't own. >> yesterday, he was going to make the big announcement and teeing us autopsy for that. then he said there was a security scare. scared for his life. didn't want to come out on the balcony, therefore he was going to do this announcement on a tape and video and release that. that's exactly what happened. so we thought, my goodness, what is in this information that he's going to release that he's so fearful of his life? it turned out not to be very much. >> we don't know exactly what his, you know, we were thinking
5:06 am
he was going to dump a bunch of the stuff, maybe a part of the 33,000 emails that hillary clinton supposedly deleted. we don't know what he's got because what he said was over the next ten weeks he's going to -- because it's the tenth anniversary of wikileaks, he's going to have ten releases. he's going to dump all the stuff before the election regarding the election, but he's also going to dump stuff about the war, oil, google, and all sorts of stuff, so he is the -- you know, he's a virtual whistle-blower. people leak stuff to him and then he has provided this site. so there was great speculation today could be the big day but he has decided that today is not going to be the big day for any releases. >> geraldo rivera, if you are watching, hold your ears, some are comparing it to the opening of al capone's vault. they opened it up. there was a big show and there was nothing in there. >> well, there has been some things in there in the past. remember, they realized the
5:07 am
20,000 emails right before the dnc convened for the convention, and it ended up leading to firing or the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz. >> keep in mind, the timing of that was they released them just the week before for maximum damage obviously to the dnc. so he's got some stuff. when he was on our show about a month ago, he said that he has campaign information about the republicans and the democrats, so he's an equal opportunity whistle-blower, if he chooses to be. >> yeah. >> whistle-blower, he's also providing and urging people to do that and he's the vehicle to make that public. kind of a bad scene. >> the president didn't want any of that public. the president of saying cut off julian assange, if you can't do
5:08 am
that, make sure whatever he says doesn't embarrass us. hillary clinton says to the whole group at the state department, can we get a drone to take this guy out and the whole group started laughing? >> she did not get a drone and take him out. we know that for sure and who knows why he didn't do the public display today live from that balcony but he chose not to. tenth anniversary. ten more releases running up and beyond the election, so stay tuned. >> stay tuned, governor mike pence and senator tim kaine are gathering up -- gearing up. >> it looks like the running mates are going to go to bat for the top of the tickets and bring back the issue of faith. at least into the spotlight for tonight. >> peter doocy is live outside of debate hall. i'm over here at the student union and on the other side of the student union is the debate
5:09 am
hall and that's where peter is. >> we don't hear donald trump or hillary clinton talk very much about their fact, but it is something that the running mates regularly mention as being central pillars of their lives and careers, so tonight as tim kaine and mike pence try to explain political differences between the republican and democrat tickets, they are going to be approaching the debate with some shared background as catholics xing just a few days ago, mike pence led this prayer. >> if his people who were called by his name will humble themselves and prayer, he will do like he's always done. he will hear from heaven and he will heal our land as one nation, under god,. [ applause ] >> then on the other side of the table, tim kaine who has been called a pope francis catholic by a catholic university socialologist in the washington post. that's because his p approach is
5:10 am
more progressive. he said a year in central america helped shaped his faith. >> i have a powerful connection from early life where i worked with jesuit missionaries in honduras. my heroes were not only the missionaries but my students and their families. i often say after having grown newspaper a religious household in kansas city myself, i really learned about the power of faith from my friends in honduras. >> we still do expect them to go at it tonight at longwood. we're told that tim kaine spent the weekend in raleigh, north carolina, going over binders trying to make mike pence defend some of the comments that the clinton campaign has made that are offensive, whereas pence spent time this weekend in wisconsin where the governor there, scott walker, was the tim kaine stand-in and the trump campaign manager when pence comes out tonight, he's going to
5:11 am
be as feisty as ever. back to you. we're pence-sive what's going to happen. >> the kids are excited about the show. they are going to be watching. >> they are. peter brings a big point about their faith. they grew up in irish catholic working class families and governor pence, it turns out, he's an evangelical christian. it's going to be interesting to watch this debate tonight. both of them i think are going to be above board. when i interviewed governor pence, he didn't want to talk bad by about anybody. he talks about policy and the records and how they voted. he didn't want to bash anyone. >> you were trying to get him to bash me and for that i really resent that, ainsley. >> he would not do it. there was so much material there and he wouldn't go for it. tonight is the big debate and we're going to be talking to
5:12 am
laura ingraham on the other side of a brief time-out about what to expect. >> i wonder what laura was about to say in that picture. it's almost as if she was about to talk. >> we finally know what bill clinton really thinks about obamacare. >> wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> by the way, mr. president, your mike is on. ouch. it didn't stop there. but first more from the prince edward county high school band at longwood university. ♪ ♪ ♪ you do all this research
5:13 am
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well, the vice presidential nominees gearing up for their one-and-only face-off at longwood university in virginia, the running mates are alike in a very important way. they were both born catholics,
5:17 am
so how will their faith play into the debate? here to discuss, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. good morning to you. >> good to see you guys. >> you do look -- both born catholic. one is for the death penalty. the other is for abortion when necessary. how big do you think faith is going to be? >> i think it's not been discussed very much in this campaign, and i think that's a real shame. because the issue of of religious liberty is critical to voters. we have a massive number of evangelical christians and still catholics who think religious liberty, regardless of what you think about these judgments about the death penalty, individual groups, universities, hospitals, those who minister to the poor, they absolutely must have their religious conscience rights preserved by the courts in this country and the democrats have been very clear
5:18 am
in my mind that they have no concern about religious liberty when it comes to the issue of abortion, contraceptive rights, and, of course, redefining marriage, gender theory, those kind of things. that is a very big issue and on the issue of abortion, we should remember that tim kaine, although he calls himself a catholic and i understand that, that is considered an intrinsic by the catholic church. it is not like thing death penalty. the issue of abortion goes to separating the communicant from the rite of holy communion. >> mike pence has done a better job of presenting donald trump. >> here's my question, what kind
5:19 am
of genius loses a billion dollars in a successful year? how anybody can lose a billion dollars in the casino industry is beyond me. >> she knows so much about the casino industry. what's your take on this? >> of course, trump was right when he said she's never created a single job in her life. she wouldn't know the first thing about business, people who take risks and are operating in the changing landscape of interest rates and changing markets which trump was operating in, but think about the word "geniuses" and i think myself you were actually secretary of state, mrs. clinton and was it genius to move to a reset of our relations with russia and not be able to get the translation of the button correct? or was it genius to think that the iran deal not going to lead to nuclear proliferation, and
5:20 am
was it genius to have your staff hammer blackberries and destroy computers? was any of that genius? show me hillary's genius in protecting the security and the foreign policy influence of this country and i'll listen to her on what is g and what is not. she has no standing on business or enhancing our foreign policy stature across the bloeb because she hasn't done it. >> donald trump has not backed off. in cal colorado yesterday he further defined what he was doing and how he wants to straighten it out. >> thib about how many hillary's big donors on wall street and goldman sachs, i nsh -- any of these big banks supporting hillary, how many of them have paid more taxes than the law required? give us a name. >> appreciate it. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. >> not all pro athletes are bashing america in protest. what one of the biggest stars in
5:21 am
football did last night that has everybody talking on this tuesday morning. >> and the trump campaign says expect a feisty mike pence at tonight's dvt. what will we get from tim kaine? that's ainsley with clinton's communications director.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> headlines now get this. a baltimore ravens fan and former united states marine fighting for his life after a brawl in the stands on sunday. two raiders fans attacked with him. he has severe brain damage and his attackers have first and second degree assault charges. >> new york giant odell beckham
5:25 am
junior headaching -- shaking every soldiers hand. last night, that was the best move by the giants. beckham lost his cool and the giants lost the game, 24-10. >> breaking, brian, breaking overnight, no october surprise for hillary clinton yet, but wikileaks does promise to release more documents by the end of the year planning to publish every week for the next ten weeks. so what does the clip ton campaign -- clinton campaign think of all this. let's bring in cristina shacke. here we are, another debate. what do you think about that? we've been talking about julian assange. we thought this was a big announcement. he does promise there will be a big announcement down the road? are you worried? >> what we're worried about the hacking.
5:26 am
[ crowd noise ] >> this is a really troubling development in american election and we've had republicans speak out about that too. this is really problematic that we have a foreign country, particularly russia trying to influence an american election. that's troubling to us. >> absolutely. i don't think anyone would agree that hacking is -- you can't do that. it's illegal, it's wrong. some of the information that they have released has led to some consequences especially for the dnc. debbie wasserman shultz had to step down because of the release of those emails. >> we're really troubled. [ crowd noise ] >> that's a really troubling occurrence. that's never happened before in an american election. we think this is really a problem and it was troubling to us that donald trump seems to be encouraging that and that's a problem, and republicans have spoken up to say how troubling
5:27 am
that is as well. >> let's talk about what's happening tonight. kelly anne conway was on fox last night and she's saying governor presence pence going to be feisty. what is tim kaine's response? >> we've never had this before. usually, it's two candidates being introduced to the nation. they are not as well-known and what people are trying to judge is whether they can be a heartbeat away from a presidency, whether they are qualified to do that job. i don't think anyone questions the experience of these two vice presidential candidates. the question is at the top of the ticket with donald trump. i think trump has had a disastrous week. he has to get in there and change the narrative. it wouldn't surprise me that he would try to be feisty to draw attention away from donald trump. not being prepared for the debate and on insulting a former miss universe, and really having
5:28 am
a troubling week. >> they both sound personal. one saying it, bringing it up, hillary clinton's past and what she said about women and the others bringing up what donald trump said about women back in the 80s and the 90s. what can we expect tonight? are they going to get personal like we saw in this last debate? >> well, again, i think the bar is really high for mike pence. he's got to try to change this narrative and we're going to see if he's going to stand with donald trump with some of the outrageous he said about the khan family or not paying his taxes or is he going to take a different route? we're going to see that tonight, but i will tell you that hillary is really excited for people to meet tim kaine. >> how if you look at their resumes, they are both very much alike. both have been governors, both have served in d.c., two kids, both have sons in the marines, they were raised in democratic,
5:29 am
irish catholic families. >> they are both men of faith. [ crowd noise ] when he was the governor of virginia, he had the distinction with fortune magazine as being rated the best state to do business. he's the person has really brought people together. he's respected across party lines and he really delivers for the people he represents and that was important to hillary. >> thank you so much for being with us. wish you the best tonight. we'll all be watching. new die tails on the armed robbery of kim kardashian. how did the thieves know where to go and what to take? did she make it easy? and mainstream media hammering donald trump for his comments about veterans. >> trump stepped into another firestorm earlier today. this time during a q & a with veterans, suggesting those suffering from post traumatic
5:30 am
stress disorder aren't as strong as other veterans. >> only problem, they left out a critical part of what he said. veteran scott brown and pete hegseth are going to join us live next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your life wasn't meant to be lived under a bushel basket. neither is your faith. ♪ on october 6th, bring your bible to school. learn more at ♪
5:31 am
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>> live from farmville, virginia, and longwood university, it's "fox & friends" for this vice presidential debate tuesday. >> yeah. it's an exciting day. they have got a great field hockey team. we asked the field hockey team to be out there. that's an under rated sport. it's huge internationally. it's also played by guys internationally. here we focus on the women. the cheer leaders have shown up. at 6:00 in the morning, they were ready to go. >> our co-host said she would like to be a coed there and back to college. you have a special guest with you. >> i'm not alone. we all came back to college. at least for a few days, right, phil? >> i can't wait.
5:35 am
>> bill, we have pete and senator brown here. i feel like i'm home because it's nice to come back to the south. i turn on the radio in my rental car and there are three country music stations. there's a christian station, and an oldies station. >> i had a lot of people texting me saying your southern accent is really coming out. >> oh, really. it might come out -- i almost hit two possums and i got pulled over by a cop this morning. >> i got pulled over too. >> you did? >> speed trap. >> right here. >> citation? >> no, no, he was so nice. >> 0 for 2. >> how fast were you going? >> it wasn't a speed thing. i had my high beams on. i got my rental car. he said what are you doing flashing me? i said officer, i'm lost. >> bill, can i hear your ohio accent? what do you sound like? >> i sound pretty good i think in these parts, but there's really not, you know, we're a little further west from ohio
5:36 am
river valley. >> they love fox news. >> of all the controversial things that happened yesterday with donald trump and hillary clinton, one seemed to be fabricated, that's after a moving forum with veterans. donald trump made this comment about ptsd and the need to address it. >> when you talk about the mental health problems when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room has seen the world over, strong, they can handle. a lot of people can't handledle. they see events and nobody would believe it. we need a mental health, help, and medical. i think it's one of things that i think is least addressed. >> what was the problem with that? we have two veterans that are sitting here with us. >> listen, bottom line is the
5:37 am
mainstream media, the clinton campaign, they had completely and totally taking this and making it into something it's not. i can tell you for a fact and one of the reasons i endorsed donald trump so early. i've had this conversation with him. when i was speaking about the men and women who are suffering from ptsd and other physical and mental ailments, tears almost came to his eyes. he's so concern about this issue. he's going to make the va, a -- unlike, hillary clinton, who said it's overrated and blah-blah-blah, and our veterans are hurting. it should be the number one domestic issue aside from job creation skt aing our men and women who serve. they shouldn't have to go and fight and have to come home and fight for health care and a job. that's what he's talking about. >> criticizing trump on this is total garbage. he should be getting credit. he's the only one proactively talking about this issue.
5:38 am
he elevated the va issue long before anybody else. you see it the way veterans feel what he could do at the va, cleaning house, giving veterans a choice and addressing mental health. >> the fact that veterans come out and talk down this campaign, the news cycle in this campaign is lightning fast. sometimes these stories are out there for an hour and we're moving on to the next >> thanks >> we compete with twitter these days. >> everybody is looking at their screen, whether it's a tv screen or a smart phone screen. fox news did a poll of veterans and donald trump, as you can see right here in this image, has 47%. he leads hillary clinton by 14. gary johnson is at 13, and jill stein is at 2%. senator scott brown, does that surprise you? >> actually, the thing that
5:39 am
surprises me is that hillary clinton is actually at 33%. i think it's going to be much lower. when i talked to veterans around the country, some who are still serving and who have served with great distinction, they are like, yeah, we're not supporting hillary clinton. it will be an extension of obviously what president obama has been doing, and weeding down our military, sequestration and a whole host of other things. donald trump is talking about rebuilding our military, giving them the pride in america, pride in serving again and the tools and resources to do their jobs and do them safely and ked bl them up where they need to be. the real story is that hillary clinton is getting crushed not only by donald trump, but gary johnson, and what does that say about her and the military? she's going to -- [ multiple people speaking ] >> it was a bad idea to have a classified server in your basement because those guys handle classified information. they want a commander in chief who respects that.
5:40 am
[ multiple people speaking ] >> first time in my life, i cracked my iphone this morning. i don't know if that's -- >> i don't know. that an omen. >> you don't have to get a new iphone. >> how do you know that? >> you can take to a place and they can replace the job and it's $150? >> fat chance. eric trump, talk of the -- top of the hour, plenty to talk about him. sean spicer will join us from the rnc. one of most intriguing things about the debate tonight, these are two conventional politicians in a year that has been so unconventional. >> right. >> throwbacks. >> it will be a total different field tonight. >> i'm hoping they get a little feisty tonight. conway said that governor pence will be getting feisty. >> i want to see that. >> what's that look like? >> we'll be watching you 20 minutes, bill. >> see you at 9:00, guys. >> scott, pete, thank you. heather, your serve.
5:41 am
>> we begin with this fox news alert. there's some serious news for you. we've been following this since 4:00 a.m. this morning, hurricane matthew roaring into haiti, making landfall just a short time ago. the chaos caught on camera has 145-mile-an-hour winds pummel the island nation. the category 4 storm gaining momentum as it tears through the kaeb on a pass -- caribbean on a path to the u.s. three pem have been killed so far. and social media may have led to kim kardashian's attacker right to her front door. she's showing off this massive $5 million ring on line, is and right after thieves stolen. investigators looking into the possibility that it was an inside job. as news of this swept the globe, the nra weighed in, tweeting this, it's shocking that these criminals did not subject themselves to paris's strict gun
5:42 am
control laws before committing this awful crime. and finally now we know how former president bill clinton really feels about obamacare. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people out there busting it, 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> the comments coming as the president stumped for his wife in michigan. clinton going on to say small business owners are getting crushed by the president's name sake health care plan. back to you. crazy, crazy, crazy. all right. heather, thank you. the tax clash between the presidential nominees, it's eating -- heating up. >> so it doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. >> her only method of making money is by selling government favors and granting access. >> that is the top of the
5:43 am
ticket. how will it play out tonight between the vice presidential candidates? ed henry that's that next. ainsley got a tour back in time. she will be telling us all about it in just a moment. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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5:46 am
well, tonight's 9:00 p.m. debate you'll see on fox news channel between the number twos is all about the number ones. >> hillary clinton and donald trump clashing on taxes. >> ed henry in d.c. with a preview. >> usually the vps are the attack dogs delivering the negative charges so the top of the ticket can focus on a positive agenda. yeah, right.
5:47 am
not this time. instead, you've seen all that flipped on its head for tim kaine and mike pence. they actually have better favorability ratings than the top of the ticket. tim kaine at 40% in a latest fox news polling. mike pence at 42%. a far cry from hillary clinton and donald trump. they have record negative ratings and we're back at it again yesterday on taxes, going nuclear on one another. watch. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit and to the benefit of my company, my investors, and my employees. hillary clinton made her money as a corrupt public official breaking the law and putting her government office up for sale. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in the first place? he's advocating for huge tax cuts that help him and his family even more. what's he want us to do? pay him to lose money?
5:48 am
the top of the ticket is not taking a day off while their running mates debate. donald trump will be in colorado and arizona. hillary clinton in pennsylvania. democrats believe that's a fire wall she can trump from flipping it republican. don't forget, sunday in st. louis, round two of trump-clinton face-to-face. >> meet me in st. louis. thank you very much. tonight's debate is just a couple of miles from the place where the course of american history changed forever, and ainsley got a tour back in time. appomattox. she will take us there in minutes. trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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which is good for me 200-degree range of sight hey! and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. upgraded to our most d3 ever. ♪
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5:52 am
>> we flew into virginia yesterday because tonight is the big vice presidential debate. we wanted a chance to go to appomattox which is where the civil war ended. take a look back in history with me. ♪ ♪ fire! >> we started out in my company, company of the 18th regiment of virginia, 96 men, 96 of the proudest things you ever saw. i was the only one left to surrender on the day that general lee did. >> how did you become a living history presenter? >> my dad used to bring me here when i was a kid. it's very important to me because the way i look at it, i'm speaking for people who can't speak for themselves.
5:53 am
>> this is where general lee's army fought their last battle, right? >> it is. right here behind us, to the west of the village, these fields are where some of the last soldiers in the army of northern virginia were killed. in some cases, just hours before lee surrendered that afternoon. >> you can almost picture it when you look out at these fields. so why was this battle significant? >> lee is trying to get his army south and grant knows it, so there's no finesse. it's just a question of who can do it and here at this spot, in this field, the question was answered, lee was not going to outmarch grant and go south, instead, he boxed lee in here at appomattox courthouse. he was not looking for a blood bath here. if he could escape, he would. once he realized he couldn't, the white flags came out. he agreed to meet for the purpose of surrendering. >> where did they meet? >> at the mclean house. >> will you take me there? >> of course. >> what happened in this room? >> it's the room that was picked for lee and grant to have the surrender meeting. >> it all happened in this room at these tables or is this
5:54 am
replicas. >> these are replicas. remaining officers began to see this room as being filled with some pretty cool souvenirs. in some cases, we have original pieces here like the two vases mind me and the sofa behind you, they are all original, the other pieces, the chairs are in the smithsonian. these have been copied for this exhibit. >> folks all over the country
5:55 am
coming here to see this property. >> sure, i would say this is one of the most defining moments in american history and i know it's a very small place but it's a big history in this small place. big questions were answered here. could the nation survive a civil war intact? would that nation exist without slavery? and up until april the 9th, it wasn't a foregone conclusion what the answers for those questions would be. >> interesting, if you think about the date, the surrender was on april 9th, 1865. it really wasn't that long ago. i grew up knowing my great grandmother, she was almost 100 when she died. it was the generation before her that experienced the civil war, so it's close -- i just fetal like -- feel like i can touch the folks that were once here. >> we talk to visitors all day and sometimes we talk to kids. this probably seems like ancient history and then you meet somebody else like you say whose great, great grandparent was in the war or they remember them talking about it and so forth. we're at a very interesting time right now. it's still not that long ago. we see some of the residue of the war in modern history. i think the lessons of appomattox remain relevant. it's not just history on a shelf. ryan and steve, you guys
5:56 am
love history as much as anyone does and it's pretty amazing to actually stand in the very room where two generals that we've read about and learned about, the hiss attorneys have talked about us through the year, to actually be in the room where they signed the papers and general lee surrendered. it's incredible. >> then on april 14th lincoln would be assassinated, so five days he had to experience peace before he was gunned down and of course, grant, went on to be president. pretty amazing. >> it is amazing. ainsley we've got a little surprise for you on the other side of a quick time-out, okay? what would it be? >> a surprise for me? >> yes. stay tuned. coming back in two minutes. >> i love surprises!
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
ainsley, here's a surprise for you. turn around. where are they? where are they? >> okay. this isn't going as well as we thought? >> are we on air? >> sadly, yes. >> we have some members of our
6:00 am
sorority. >> brian and steve are telling me to -- >> oh, my god, my '85 girls! hey! yea! oh, my sisters! >> there you go. surprise. bill: nice! the stage is set. only hours from now, the running mates get their moments in the spotlight. tim kaine looking to make a big impression on american voters with only five weeks from today. we are at longwood university, farmville, virginia, an hour 20 minutes southwest of richmond. martha: i'm here in new york, so this will be the one and only vice presidentialeb


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